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Regardless of the nature of business we see in the competitive market, most enterprises today rely on Automation to Accelerate and Add more power to their products. Many have shifted from the traditional approaches to shape their Software Development, Operations, and Delivery through Automation 
QodeStack was originated with the same thought process by fostering “Automation as a service” with customer-focused software delivery.

With experts having over 15 years of experience in automation industries serving Banking-Finance, Insurance, Aviation, Medical and many other industries, we serve our Customers globally through our transparent and predictable Automation solutions

Our goal is to empower every enterprise with accelerated delivery through our Automation Solutions!!

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Focused in Automation

Traditional organizations confronted with Automation competitors who can deliver value from identifying Automation needs quickly. With this motto, QodeStack always stays ahead as an enabler for the organizations in Test Automation services and provide value with lightning speed through our Automation specialists. Our aim is to be thought leaders in Testing and Test Automation.

Team of automation experts

With the DNA of "Acceleration with Automation", our core team is specialized with abreast practices of Testing and Test Automation. A matured COE setup aided with certified professionals in Management and Architecture are keeping our Resource pool consistent and competent. By focusing on a niche in Test Automation, we did embark the journey in the IT industry.

Automaton tools and custom frameworks

Our team is proficient in tools like Selenium, Appium, UFT, LEAPWORK, RENOREX and we do have frameworks ready for UI Automation , unit testing using - Specfolw (BDD), nunit (TDD), junit and With this we offer a great flexibility to the customers by evaluating their needs and mapping/customizing these frameworks to make the Delivery lean, mean and fast.

Continuous Integration and delivery

QodeStack team has rich experience in the customer journeys involving in Implementing CI/CD pipeline in large scale projects following agile and Kanban models. Our custom developed reporting tools aid the analytical data to keep a razor sharp focus on analytics which keep track of delivery pipeline in large and small scale projects.


QodeStack is one of the emerging pioneers in the Testing & Quality Assurance domain, we understand the current trends of Quality in the Agile projects and readily offers its best in class testing and test automation consulting services. With a combination of matured talent pool and impeccable services, our commitment to quality and excellence is evident in every solution we deliver to happy customers.

Our teams leverage the extensive expertise in designing, developing and deploying test automation solutions with focused ROI. We continuously gauge teams on optimizing testing budget, by deploying most robust and reliable test automation solutions.

Quality Assurance


  • Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)
  • Shift left Approach with strong right
  • Implementing Testing Automation Strategy
  • QA Process Assessments and Definition
  • Test Program Management for all verticals
  • Establishing Testing Center-of-Excellence
  • Tools Customization and Evaluation
  • Enterprise level CI/CD platform with one view reporting

QodeStack USP

  • Unparalleled Quality in the market
  • Tailored Test Plans and Automation frameworks
  • Unmatched Speed of project execution
  • Customer centric Testing Strategy and Assessment
  • Continuous integration and delivery focus
  • Experienced QA Teams with CoE's
  • Focused in Shift left Approach
  • Team of domain experts to deliver high quality results

Testing as services

  • Unit and Static code Testing
  • GUI and API test Automation
  • Integration and Compatibility Testing
  • End to End Functional non Functional Testing
  • Performance: Load Strtess Testing of applications
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-browser Testing of applications
  • Web, Mobile, Virtual and Desktop Application Testing
  • Testing in WWaterfall, Agile and Kanban development models

Tool & Technology Stack

  • Automation: Selenium,LEAPWORK, UFT, SoapUI
  • Languages: C#, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby
  • CI: TFS, TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, Travis CI
  • ALM: Jenkins, JIRA, Mantis, ClearCase, ClearQuest
  • Platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux, Mobile, Tablets
  • BDD/TDD: Cucumber, Specflow, nunit
  • Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid
  • Source Control: GIT, BitBucket, TFS

Offshore Partnering

If your IT Strategy demands “Increase productivity for less” we are your one stop solution. We help you to setup your own Offshore /Nearshore Development Centre (ODC) as Partners, to muscle your offshoring arm here in India.


With a strong focus on our Customer’s Automation needs and ROI, QodeStack’s Automation Advisory team will evaluate with a comprehensive view of the existing Test processes & identify the Automation cases, proposals to address gaps & the associated risks.

From the evaluation phase, our core team of Automation will facilitate the design and implementation roadmap involved in the Automation journey. This way we help organizations improve their business value based on right Automation strategy, Tool selection and Delivery acceleration. This eventually brings the optimized resource utilization & reduced cost of quality. The key services from our Advisory engagement include – Automation Assessment report & recommendations; and a detailed implementation roadmap on how your organization moves towards Automation maturity!!!


Automation Consulting

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Startup Consulting

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Product Strategy

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Offshore partnering

If your IT Strategy demands “Increase productivity for less” we are your one stop solution. We help you to setup your own Offshore / Nearshore Development Centre Learn More

About Us

Qode Stack is an Automation consulting organization specialized in Product engineering services ranging from
Design, Development, Testing and Deployment. Our solutions are focused on latest technologies, and are enabled by practical
and data driven approach supported by our Automation centre of Excellence.

About Us


QodeStack is one of the emerging pioneers in the Automation consultancy, understands the current trends of Automation in the Agile projects and readily offers its best...

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Our Vision is to become the best and most preferred Partner for IT Automation solutions, Technology and Product Engineering. We're focused on...

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