Test Automation

At present most of the companies are using traditional testing practice, where they start testing after the product is developed and deployed to test environment i.e. to the very right of the development life cycle. In this approach testing often start late in the development phase with low code quality and testers are only to blame for product quality, this approach often leads to low product quality, unhappy customers and high project cost. Qodestack believes that this model is old and we help our customers in moving move towards “Shift left approach” where we test early and everyone is responsible for testing from the inception of the project till it is delivered.

Team Paticipation in Manual & Test Automation

  • Developer and testers should write test automation scripts
  • Common reporting platform should be there to check Unit, API, integration and UI test status
  • BA, PM, Developers and Testers should be to run and analyze test results

Quality Centric Dev and Test planning

  • Lay down rock solid plan to achieve high quality in project
  • Unit, API, Integration and UI testing Activities should be part of project planning and estimations

Implement Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Implement Continuous Integration to test
  • more often and get faster feedback Take necessary/quick action on failed test
  • Find bugs early and reduce time to market

Automate Automation (AI & ML)

  • Implement self-learning system that can adapt to test failures and take necessary action beforehand
  • Platform for analyzing application failure trends and theirs behavior under high performance

Regural Audits & Feedback

  • Gauge the benefits of Shift left program
  • Enhance the program and process after taking feedback from stakeholders
  • Setup Test Automation COE for sharing and best parctice and lesson learnt

Edge with QodeStack

At Qodestack, we have a rich experience in devising test automation strategy with customized framework for different needs of clientele with varied automation requirements. By virtue of the expertise in the engineering teams, we employ ideal processes across the entire automation life cycle. With the help of in-house expertise and Automation accelerators, we implement a scalable, reusable and resilient code in the framework helping our clients to use it across projects. The user friendly features such as Test scheduling, monitoring, parallel execution on grid, recovery scenarios, and auto-reporting make our overall Automation process lean & fast.

Our Approach

We believe that testing of product start for inception of product and so we always try to start testing early in product requirement phase, having said that it also depend upon circumstances and conditions in which we get the project. Test team will usually follow development team and run parallel test life cycle in Agile with continuous integration and continuous delivery modal.

Assessment and Analysis of ROI

A diligent assessment for the ROI focusing the business objectives is important in the early process. This helps us to keep the overall Testing & Test automation strategy relevant and ready for Go-to Market readiness.

Test Automation Strategy

This is the key phase the team works to bring all the facts to the stakeholders – What and When to automate/ not automate, what is feasible within the budget allowed and define the clear scope for Automation along with execution strategy.


Test Automation Scope

After Scope is fixed and agred with stackholders, we start long term and short plan and create various stratigies to achive the plan.


Test Automation Roadmap

We define a transparent roadmap and milestones both for long term and short term. This involves defining clear milestones with a vison of maximum automation coverage to be achieved across all platform and devices.


Test Automation Execution

We prefer a methodical approach to test automation. This involves defining and designing the phases of automation framework and implementation steps, build integration plans and end-end delivery plan for scope identified.


Test Automation Maintenance

Once the agreed scope of Automation is achieved, we will have a sign-off from Business. As our framework in resilient and scalable, the future Automation enhancements can be done quickly. This way our framework has very less maintenance cost once the first version of Automation is done.


Tools and Technologies

Technology proficiency in implementing diversified automation harnesses and services and develop state-of-the-art solutions with the cutting edge tools and technologies.


  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Pearl


  • Modular
  • Descriptive
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword Driven
  • Hybrid


  • Cucumber
  • Specflow
  • RSpec
  • QTP
  • Leapwork


  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • RSpec
  • Selenium WebDriver -Java
  • Selenium WebDriver -C#

Reach us, For

End-End Automation from Planning, Identifying and implementing the customized framework and follow the best practices in coding standards, code review process, integration and safe gate deployment methods. Based on your requirements, we build an optimized framework by to support the key aspects of reusability, scalability and maintainability.
Reach us if your requirement is:

  • Defining Test automation Architecture
  • E-E Test Automation Implementation
  • Design a resilient Test Automation framework
  • Create a reusable Framework to accelerate projects
  • Perform Proof of concept (POC) with Automation tools
  • Consultancy on Test Automation and Strategic planning