LEAPWORK for Automation

LEAPWORK eliminates the barriers to implementing automation by relying on visual building blocks rather than programming.
User can Design test cases-or automate business process by simple flowchart based approach without having to write a single line of code.

The visual intuitiveness of codeless automation is the key to empowering testers, letting them focus on the creative and strategic aspects of their work. Build Desktop, Web, and Citrix automation cases in a matter of minutes with the LEAPWORK approach:

Accelerate your Automation Engineering with the combo of Qodestack and LEAPWORK, Simple and Intelligent solution for end to end Automation!

Features Status
Platform Supported
Web Automation, Desktop UI Automation,Image based Automation, Mobile Automation(chrome emulator)
Browser Support
Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 9 - 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Operating System
Windows, Mac, Linux (for web cases)
Desktop App
Any desktop application based on Microsoft frameworks (MFE, .Net, WPF, WinForms Win32 etc.) SAP GUI (Window OS only)
Mobile & Tablet Automation
iOS and Android web apps on Chrome emulators
Scripting language
It's Code free tool, no need to code and learn script, it does cha C# code block for some spectal task.
Scheduler in LEAPWORK allowing to select the cases/project to run and the environments.
Reporting & Dashboard
In-built reporting and dashboard with export to HTML and Excel feature.
CI/CD support
LEAPWORK fully support CI/CD tools via API interface
Team Support & Scheduling
Team can share and schedule test using central Controller.
Audit Trail
All events, both user and system generated, will be logged in an easy to filter and search audit log.
Revision History
All changes made in flows are saved as versions and user can switch among these versions.

Why we suggest LEAPWORK

We are always committed to suggest best in industry tools to our clients, and on same track we have adopted one of the industry’s best emerging automation tool LEAPWORK. It’s easy to learn, scale and maintain the Automation bed using LEAPWORK. Hence, post-delivery of project, clients can maintain and scale the test bed themselves easily. Adding to this, the excellent product support make it much suited for customers with non-technical background.

Selecting test automation tool is very critical decision for an organization as it impacts product delivery, quality, productivity and cost. While suggesting test automation tool to our customers we evaluate client’s competency, expertise, industry and application to be tested and based on that we agree on automation tool.

  • Build test cases visually
  • Build reusable components
  • Regular updates as per latest browsers
  • The shortest learning curve on the market
  • Easy scaling and maintanace of test
  • Code less tool no need to write code
  • Collaborate on one platform
  • Support continuous delivery
  • Good learning center and product support
  • Schedule cases for repeated execution
  • Automate tests across functions & processes
  • Both technical and non-developers design test cases

LEAPWORK Customer Success Stories

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is an all-in-one productivity tool for automating repetitive processes, from product testing to business verification.
The LEAPWORK Automation Platform lets both technical specialists and non-developers design test automation flows, without ever typing or reading a single line of code – and then execute cases with the click of a button.

Case studies below explains how LEAPWORK clients are achieving automation success.

Why Automation

Test automation can bring many benefits to your project testing cycles, Test automation allow teams to execute more tests in less time, increasing coverage and freeing human testers to do more experiend based exploratory testing. Automation is especially beneficial for test cases that are executed repeatedly, such as those for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and those that are part of a full or partial regression suite.

High return of investment

Unlike manual testing test automation takes high investment initally, but within couple of itrations positive balance can be reached and high ROI can be achived.

Faster Feedback and time to market

Due to high test execution speed, development team get faster feeback which results in quick bug fix, this helps in reducing time-to-market.


Test automation can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases whith multiple set of data and combinations that is impossible to achive with manual tests.


Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed and never deviate from the sript, this requts in high Accuracy and Relibility.

Can be scheduled or run 24X7

Tests can be run unattended using test schedules or test can be triggered thru scripts in continuous integration environment (e.g. post build/deployment triggers).

Test parallel and Scale easily

Multiple test can run in parallel on multiple devices simultaneously, this helps in faster execution, using same script for multuple browser results in easy scaling.

Our Approach

We believe that testing of product start for inception of product and so we always try to start testing early in product requirement phase, having said that it also depend upon circumstances and conditions in which we get the project. Test team will usually follow development team and run parallel test life cycle in Agile with continuous integration and continuous delivery model.

Test Automation Scope

This is the key phase the team works to bring all the facts to the stakeholders – What and When to automate/ not automate, what is feasible within the budget allowed and define the clear scope for Automation along with execution strategy.

Automation Planning & Strategy

After Scope is fixed and agreed with stackholders, we start long term and short plan and create various stratigies to achive the plan, our strategy usually follow shift left approach.

Test Automation Execution

We prefer a methodical approach to test automation. This involves defining and designing the phases of automation framework and implementation steps, build integration plans and end-end delivery plan for scope identified.

Test Automation Maintenance

Once the agreed scope of Automation is achieved, we will have a sign-off from Business. As our framework in resilient and scalable, the future Automation enhancements can be done quickly. This way our framework has very less maintenance cost once the first version of Automation is done.

Test Automation Roadmap

We define a transparent roadmap and milestones both for long term and short term. This involves defining clear milestones with a vison of maximum automation coverage to be achieved across all platform and devices.

Assessment and Analysis of ROI

A diligent assessment for the ROI focusing the business objectives is important in the early process. This helps us to keep the overall Testing & Test automation strategy relevant and ready for Go-to Market readiness.

Qodestack Test Automation Stack

QodeStack believe on Shift left testing approach and so we usually suggest and start automation from Unit testing, moving towards Smoke, Black Box and Regression automation.

We do have specialization in Integration and Database testing to support full End to End testing in enterprise level with multiple projects and organizations.

Performance (Load & Stress) is one of the important area where we help our customers in achieving required performance.

Overall focus is to achieve high quality in agile model using both Manual and Automation testing methodologies keeping Continuous Integration and Delivery in mind.

Reach us

If you are looking for consultants who can create automation suites from scratch or maintain and scale
your pre-existing test suites, then QodeStack is one stop solution for all your needs.
Reach us if your requirements are:

  • Automate you Business and Test process
  • Defining Test Automation Architecture in Enterprise
  • Design a resilient Test cases for multiple applications
  • Reviewing Maintainability and Scalability of your existing test suites
  • Perform Proof of concept (POC) with LEAPWORK
  • Maintenance of pre existing test suites in LEAPWORK
  • Expert consultants who can deliver with quality
  • Automate Web, Mobile, Desktop & Citrix applications

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