Functional Testing

Area of focus

Functional/ black-box testing is performed to confirm that the functionality of an application or system is behaving as expected. QodeStack's Functional Testing Services performs the verification and validation of applications and ensures that applications get to market on time and deliver the performance and experience they were made for.

How we do it

QodeStack has been a trusted testing partner for many organizations in various stages of adopting Agile. Our experienced QA testing teams are specialized in providing prominent Quality Assurance Services and functional testing across different verticals and for multiple platforms like mobile, desktop, cloud and web services testing. Here are the various services offered by us to test the functioning of your software applications.

Automate > Accelerate > Accentuate
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Dedicated Team Model

Handpicked dedicated team. Work in collaboration with right mix of Onsite-offshore teams

Fixed Price Cost Model

Tailor fit for model small to mid size assignments. Require fixed budget and requirements in matured stage

Time & Material Model

Simple to understand and implement, flexible use of resources. Close monitoring for better utilization.

Managed Services Model

Focused on value and productivity, Ideally suited for long-term, frequent, scheduled, or day-to-day functions.

Hybrid Model

Estimated like T&M (time and material) model, Executed like a fixed prize model – best of both models to suit the client needs

Proof Of Concept Model

Feasibility study for tool selection, Couple of tests automated with one resource.



At Qodestack, we have a rich experience in devising test automation strategy with customized framework for different needs of clientele with varied automation requirements. By virtue of the expertise in the engineering teams, we employ ideal processes across the entire automation life cycle. 

With the help of in-house expertise and Automation accelerators, we implement a scale-able, reusable and resilient code in the framework helping our clients to use it across projects. The user friendly features such as Test scheduling, monitoring, parallel execution on grid, recovery scenarios, and auto-reporting make our overall Automation process lean & fast.


Our Agile Methodology focus on “Test Automation & Continuous integration” which ensures that testing complements development and aids adopt automation through constant integration and application of testing techniques. Here are few advantages of our Agile testing services 

  • Reducing cost and Increasing productivity
  • Reducing time-to-market & process complexity
  • Enhancing product quality & Reducing project risk
  • Improving alignment between IT and business
  • Enhancing the ability to manage changing priorities