Continuous Integration
and Deploymen

“Release Engineering in current DevOps eco- system supports Fail fast, Recover fast with inspect & adapt implementation, Continuous Integration & Rapid Deployment to have Lean and fast Release cycles, quick time to market!!”

CI/CD, Custom Release framework

Automation, Enabler and Quality gate keeper

Seamless Deployments, with Zero Downtime

Code Quality

Key Offerings

As you develop new product features, QodeStack support through experienced DevOps team to reduce your delivery to market time with automated deployments, tests and transparent test results to the stakeholders.
Stable Release Builds, Quick Development iterations, Reliable Automation tests result in Confident product shipping

DevOps Resource Analytics

Collect and analyze configurations across all services, frameworks, and environments for consistency and reliability. Track and differentiate configurations across time based on the working status of the system and policies

Continuous Delivery

Reduce software delivery Release cycles by automating continuous integration and continuous deployments, to reduce the time to market and increase the Business value to customer

DevOps Resource Analytics

Various Resources Analytics like CPU, memory, disk space, Grid capacity and different systems/network level metric data points can be collected to help the decisions on resource optimizations.

Infrastructure Automation

Identify the workflows involved infrastructure platforms and Automate them with SaaS for continuous deployment of applications and implement safe quality gates in the overall Release Management.

Progress monitoring and tracking

We prefer a methodical approach to test automation. This involves defining and designing the phases of automation framework and implementation steps, build integration plans and end-end delivery plan for scope identified.

Test Automation Maintenance

Once the agreed scope of Automation is achieved, we will have a sign-off from Business. As our framework in resilient and scalable, the future Automation enhancements can be done quickly. This way our framework has very less

DevOps technologies that we are expert in

Why DevOps

DevOps – The combination of Development & Operations to muscle the Software delivery– DevOps integrates the functions of development & operations in the same cycle with a bigger emphasis on automation of build, deployment and continuous testing.

  • Agile & Lean Practices
  • Enhanced version control
  • Stable operating environment
  • Proactive instead of Reactive
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration
  • Training & Support
  • Keep Your Customers and Stakeholders Happy
  • Better resource management & Reduced Costs
  • Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Time To Market
  • Reduced human errors, Deployment Failures and Time to Recover

Capabilities & Platforms

QodeStack has a robust testing approach that embrace continuous integration and continuous
delivery model within Agile to achieve product delivery with less time to market and high quality.


  • Jenkins
  • HP Quality Center
  • Team City
  • Atlassian Bamboo


  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Git (GitHub)
  • TFS
  • PowerShell Scripting


  • Leaptest
  • Sauce Lab & Browser Stack
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • Selenium WebDriver -Java
  • Selenium WebDriver -C#

DevOps Workflow

ast innovation and consistent Quality are the key success factors, even with rapid change in Technology and the complexities involved.
DevOps empowers you to achieve it!!!