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QodeStack is leading test automation company with the strong team of experts having 15 years of experience in automation industries, we served Banking-Finance, Insurance, Aviation, Medical, and many other industries, our customers are located globally and we serve them through our transparent and predictable Automation solutions.

Our Approach

We believe that testing of product start for inception of product and so we always try to start testing early in product requirement phase, having said that it also depend upon circumstances and conditions in which we get the project. Test team will usually follow development team and run parallel test life cycle in Agile with continuous integration and continuous delivery modal.

Tools and Technologies

Technology proficiency in implementing diversified automation harnesses and services and develop state-of-the-art solutions with the cutting edge tools and technologies.

  1. C#Java
  2. Ruby
  3. Python
  4. Pearl etc.
  1. Modular
  2. Data Driven
  3. Keyword Driven
  4. Hybrid etc.
  1. UFT
  4. SELENIUM etc.
  1. Devop's
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Continuous Delivery
  4. SAFe, Scaled Agile etc.

Reach us, For

End-End Automation from Planning, Identifying and implementing the customized framework and follow the best practices in coding standards, code review process, integration and safe gate deployment methods. Based on your requirements, we build an optimized framework by to support the key aspects of reusability, scalability and maintainability.

Reach us if your requirement is:

Automation Implementation

Defining Test Automation Architecture and Planning

Perform Proof of concept (POC) with Automation various tools

Test Automation Maintenance

Maintaining pre existing test automation suites in any language and tool.

Scaling existing test suites to mobile and tablet automation

Test Framework Development

Test Automation Consultancy and Strategic planning

Design a resilient Test Automation framework